• Interconnected Series Reviewed

    The power to heal from within

    I recommend health seekers to watch the Interconnected Series of Videos.  The videos were available free-to-view over the last fortnight. They are now only available if you pay for their “whole health package” by going to their official link. If you are having unresolved heath issues, subscribe to their programme as I am sure their […]

  • Low Fodmap diet

    For guts sensitive to sugars

    I am hearing a new buzz word “FODMAPs” which identifies carbohydrates containing low or high sugar compounds, and we should become aware that some high fodmap foods can be the cause of gastrointestinal discomfort for some people. The Fodmap acronym stands for: Fermentable – meaning they are broken down (fermented) by bacteria in the large bowel […]

  • What to eat after appendicitis

    High fat and high protein diet affects the gut microbiome

    Within one month of going on a Keto diet, I developed appendicitis.  After the appendectomy, the surgeon said the appendicitis was probably caused by a sudden change to a high fat high protein diet. It was unfortunate for me too, that I suffered for a month afterwards with Peritonitis cramps. I was trusting doctors and […]

  • Welcome to my Health blog

    What I provide

    Welcome to my Eco Health blog. I review products, services and books, and post news, events, all to do with sustainable environment and alternative health. To support the traders further, I also feature a self-adding Business Directory Listing which provides links to practitioners and traders. This website and my Facebook Page, is a service to […]

  • Reflexology Insoles reviewed

    I researched that reflexology/accupressure insoles are brilliant for stimulating better health. At shiatsuexpert.com website it explains: The shiatsu acupressure insoles are known for offering multiple health benefits – stimulating nerve function and boosting the energy level. It helps in increasing the blood flow in your body and eliminates the number of toxins. At www.bio-sources.com it […]

  • Immunity Fuel Probiotic Superfood Supplement

    Product Review of the Gluten Free probiotic

    immunity fuel probiotics

    What is Immunity Fuel? Its a Probiotic Superfood to supplement your diet. I quote here what they say on their website: “Immunity Fuel probiotics help to detoxify the body from chemicals and toxins. The good bacteria clean out the digestive system and colon – where most disease starts, and the pre-digested whole-foods replace vital nutrients […]

  • Microplastic Pollution

    The sea is feeding human garbage back to us

    Microplastics in our mussels: Can I please draw everyone’s attention to this latest Guardian article. Its about Mussels in British supermarkets found infested with microplastic. Single-use plastics are individually and collectively causing major marine pollution. Its distressing to read facts about the state of the planet’s marine environment. Soon we will not be eating any […]

  • Intraceuticals® Oxygen facial

    Beauty Treatment at Manaaki Wellbeing Clinic

    Product Review – Yesterday I treated myself to an Intraceuticals Rejuvenate 60 minute Facial treatment. I thought it was about time I tried a face/lift treatment. I thoroughly enjoyed the pampering. Carmel greeted me warmly and took me to her lovely professional clinic room at St Lukes, Auckland. I liked the special couch which could […]

  • Manaaki Wellbeing Ltd

    The Manaaki Experience Welcome to Manaaki Wellbeing Clinic, situated near St Lukes Auckland. Leave your busy world behind, enter our serene haven and embark on a magical journey set to transcend your senses and rejuvenate your being as we nurture your face, body, soul and spirit. About Us We are a boutique clinic specialising in facials, wellbeing […]

  • Immunity Fuel – Certified Organic Probiotic Superfoods

    At Immunity Fuel we are passionate about nature and the powerful healing benefits that can be derived from it. Our probiotic superfoods combine billions of good bacteria which are organically raised, with certified organic wholefoods. These are fermented together in a special process resulting in a natural green powder to support a healthy gut and […]

  • Bio Cleanse NZ Ltd

    Right here is the power to detoxify and re energise. You can receive a Biopulse detox treatment from safe, portable, bio-friendly technology, delivered in the form of a foot bath. Thanks to Dr. W.O. Shumann’s discovery of electromagnetic waves, indications show that it is possible to help with a huge list of health issues. Why […]

  • Nahaia Active Organic Skincare

    Skincare range for public – salons – spas

    NAHAIA ACTIVE ORGANIC SKIN CARE is not just organic but it is ACTIVE which means not only can you rest assure you are not rubbing chemicals and artificial toxins into your skin but Nahaia Active Organics will get you amazing results. Nahaia translates to ‘journey of eternal love’. I have been using Nahaia Skincare products […]

  • Huckleberry Organic Food Store

    Company History The first Huckleberry Farms store was opened in Greenlane in the early 1990’s. Rebranded as Huckleberry in 2015 we’ve now opened 9 different locations throughout the North Island. With these new stores and our strong online following, our aim is to bring natural, organic foods to New Zealand by providing an intimate and […]

  • Matakana Superfoods

    The Superfood Experts

    Product Review I was introduced to Matakana Superfoods, at the Go Green Expo a week or so ago. I have hardly been so excited about health food products before now. Immediately I knew I was seeing something special. The sheer depth and scope of products they sell, tasting so fantastic, sent my taste buds to […]

  • Matakana Superfoods

    Our Philosophy Nourish your body, enrich your life We believe nourishing your body is fundamental to not only your physical health but also to the health of your mind and overall wellbeing. When you provide your body with the clean nutrition it thrives on, you feel good on a cellular level which facilitates a happy […]

  • Linden Leaves Natural Skincare

    Our Philosophy Linden Leaves supports ethical and sustainable business practices, and as a devoted mother and wife, family holds an essential place in Brigit’s life and values. Linden Leaves is genuinely dedicated to family, friendship and respect for one another and the world we live in. We consider our team and our customers a part […]

  • Linden Leaves Natural Skincare

    Product Review

    Product Review for Linden Leaves Skincare I was in a fortunate position last week at the Go Green Expo, to be provided with some samples of Linden Leaves Natural Organic Skincare products to review. I was absolutely amazed how beautiful they were. There is simply nothing else quite like these. Each one was unique with […]

  • Marita Kuntz Classical Homeopath

    Wellbeing Matters offers holistic healthcare for the whole family Marita Kuntz  Classical Homeopath DipHom (NZ) Homeopathy is a system of health care used for a wide range of health conditions. It is a method of treatment that supports the body’s own healing mechanism. Homeopathy seeks to address the underlying cause of the disorder to provide […]

  • NZ Vegetarian Society

    Looking for vegetarian or vegan nutritional information, food ideas and vegetarian events? You’ve come to the right place! The NZ Vegetarian Society was formed in 1943 to create a kinder, healthier world. Our goal is to reduce cruelty to animals, improve human health, protect the environment and preserve world resources. We do this by encouraging […]

  • The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society

    The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS), is a non-profit organisation which actively campaigns to abolish animal testing in NZ. We advocate scientifically-valid, non-animal-based methods of research, testing and teaching at the same time as spreading awareness on animal experimentation and its lack of scientific value to humans. NZAVS was established in 1978 by Bette Overell […]

  • What’s my food shopping list

    Why I eat Gluten Free

    My shopping list contains mainly fresh, pure produce and natural fats, because theyr’e the only things that don’t upset my digestion.  I have diagnosed myself as being sensitive to gluten and artificial additives, due to getting gut inflammation when eating wheat, rye, grains, oats, and anything out of a packet, tin or bottle. So eating […]

  • Manaaki Wellbeing Clinic

    Face : Body : Soul : Spirit Manaaki Wellbeing is a boutique clinic in Sandringham specialising in facials, wellbeing treatments that are tailor-made to provide effective solutions for your individual concerns, for your skin, body, soul and spirit. Our experienced therapists Carmel and Kelly approach the wellbeing of your skin, body soul and spirit from […]