A solution for recurrent cystitis


I had been suffering recurrent bouts of cystitis and was repeatedly going to the doctors and being prescribed useless antibiotics over and over again. I even tried health supplement shops and bought everything that was available over the counter to help, but they did no good. They would only clear it up for a few weeks, then I would get it again. I had tried nearly everything! It kept coming back. I link here to a medical article that lists reasons why we might get recurring UTIs, but it was not that at all, for me.

Google gives these reasons why we get UTI’s:

What causes bladder infection in menopause?
When estrogen levels decline, the “bad” bacteria multiply and increase your risk of UTI. Other menopausal changes that elevate your risk of UTIs include: Thinning and dryness/irritation of vaginal tissue. Weakening of the pelvic floor and drooping pelvic organs (pelvic organ prolapse)

So after I got recurring UTI 10 times in one year, I asked to go to the hospital on the 10th occasion, out of desperation.

At hospital, ED only gave me similar antibiotics, which of course, had stopped working. They tested my urine and said they could find no bacteria remaining, yet I was continuing to get bladder cramps and fever. They said, there is nothing else we can do for you. They didn’t even mention they knew of a condition “Interstitial Cystitis”. Or that there was a so-called incurable bladder infection that existed, nor it seems did they think to use a more effective antibiotic like Norfloxacin. In fact one doctor, insulted me by suggesting it’s all in the mind; I must have psychological stress problems which was causing it. (All while I was rolling on the floor in agony clutching my gut)

During one of my searches, I went to a Naturopath who knew about the Interstitial condition, and believed what I had was indeed “real”. She gave me a raft of natural tonics & remedies, which worked great the first time, for which I was over the moon, but alas it didn’t last. That was disappointing.

My findings: Reasons why we get bladder infections

  • We are killing off required bacteria in the gut if we take antibiotics, and leaving our gut vulnerable to more infections.
  • Note: Always take Prebiotics AND Probiotics alongside Antibiotics courses
  • If you have just had a course of antibiotics, yet still have symptoms, taking a new urine test will return null lab results. Then doctors can’t help you, as it will not show up as an infection.
  • I was a health nut for alternative medicine, I had been taking worm killer bioenergetic/homeopathic drops. I recently discovered new research that stated some worms/bugs were crucial to keep the balance in gut to prevent bladder infections. And yet conversely, other research articles were saying some parasites may actually be causing UTIs. So it was very confusing to say the least.  Let it be noted, as soon as I stopped taking worm killers I have not had a recurrent UTI since. Some bugs are vital to health, and some really do need removing. So more investigation is needed for your individual case.
  • Frequent infections can be a sign of becoming Pre-diabetic. If you are overweight like me, it’s a very big possibility. Get all the blood tests done. Ascertain if being prediabetic is actually the case for you. If so, the solution is: Change your diet: eat no wheat or sugar, and aim to lose weight, then as your health improves you can have another blood test to check the levels etc.
  • We are not drinking enough water or eating enough Alkaline-based foods.
  • The Urine ph balance is out of synch. Take bicarbonate of soda, to make urine more Alkaline, where the Acid and bacteria are unable to survive. And eat more Alkaline foods. Fewer Acid foods will aid recovery.
  • Not realising we have to treat the gut microbiome, not just the bladder. Left untreated, it can also lead to kidney infection, stones, and sepsis, for example. Therefore an appropriate pre/probiotic could help repopulate good bacteria.
  • Being menopausal, having an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone can cause vaginal rashes, thrush infections, might pass bacteria to the bladder accidentally. Therefore estrogen cream might help with that.
  • A weakened immune system, stress, and insufficient vitamin intake. Inflammatory foods, such as wheat and sugar. Therefore reevaluate your dietary intake, take plenty of vitamins, and find ways to avoid stress, as appropriate. I take a multivitamin for over 50s. Magnesium, Fish Oil, and Probiotics with Prebiotics. And I do feel better.


So back to my quest for relief from agony, I saw a new MD doctor and demanded she find something new to help, or send me to a specialist. She prescribed me Norfloxacin antibiotics, and that worked immediately. This has now been a lasting solution for the last two years. There seems to be a barrier up with doctors, they don’t seem to want to prescribe this unless it’s the last resort. (and for me it was).

Plus another thing I did: I stopped taking the health drops, i.e. treatment for killing off worms, because after stumbling over new research by accident, It turns out, we need to keep most of those!

Other solutions: People I know have suggested taking Clinicians Brand Flora Restore Probiotic tablets for Urogenital health, buying from a health supplement store, and apply Ovestin Vaginal Cream, (Doctors Prescription only), because it helps to restore the suppleness of skin and guards against cross-contamination, and eases the rashes you get from lack of estrogen.

I did try these, but they didn’t cure the UTI.

UroFem. That didn’t make any difference, either. The UTI tended to hover in the background, in a manageable fashion for a little while, then it flared up again. I tried Hiprex but that had horrible side effects for me.

Hiprex 100s are fully funded by PHARMAC – ask your Healthcare Professional for more information.

People taking Hiprex have reported nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, and painful or difficult urination.

I understand that everyone will be different and have different reasons to be susceptible to cystitis. What worked for me, might not necessarily work for you. But do try these options before suffering any longer than you need to.

Dont forget that if you currently have a bout of cystitis, then be sure to cease eating inflammatory foods, have Alkaline foods handy and drink lots of water, or you may be unwittingly prolonging the infection, or escalating it til it becomes a kidney infection.



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