Hi I’m Gillian – a Web Designer and Blogger from Auckland.

I spent 30 years in the health and fitness industry, as a Remedial Massage therapist and Aromatherapist, and 3 years as a Counsellor. Then took a business degree which I completed in year 2000.  I have since then been a web designer and developer for small business sites. Last year I did a Web Writing course then started a Blogger project; building a Blog site surrounding the issues I feel passionate about, which is supporting those who are protecting the planet, using safe alternative medicine when possible, and promoting “eco-friendly” products and services, that help sustain the environment and reduce our “carbon footprint”.

Like most people, I am worried about the neglect of our planet and the damage that is being done by ourselves, and large corporations, big pharma, and governments.

I am finding that doctors, cannot help us for little niggling things, a just a band-aid of drugs to cover up the problem, sometimes spawning a raft of side effects that make you worse than before you started. Of course doctors and surgeons have their place. I would not be alive, without them or hospitals.

50 years ago we did not have the health problems we have now, what with all the GMOs and artificial substitutes we now ingest. This is causing a flood of health issues the medical profession is simply not equipped to deal with. Alternative remedies can offer some solutions before they get to be full-blown major illnesses.

First of all, a disclaimer:  I am not a medical expert, therefore any opinions or discussions featured in this website are for educational purposes, are my experiences and my opinions alone, (or opinions pasted in from other alternative websites), and you should never substitute these for your own medical care; you should always seek advice from your own doctor.

Big Pharma and the scientific community has been against Alternative Medicine practices, but I believe if we educate more widely, then more people could vote with their feet, get natural remedies before the ambulances start lining up at the bottom of the cliff.

Alternative Practitioners are a little marginalized in our society and need all the help they can get, to raise their profiles in the community.  Charities that defend the helpless and help save and protect the planet, also need more publicity. I provide a free directory listing on my site. For that reason I have created this blog. Every extra bit of publicity aids in the quest to get educated and informed.

If you would like an ad placed on this website to promote your eco-health business, and need someone to create graphic art work i.e. animated gifs, please contact me as I can produce artwork.

I offer free product reviews and business listings.

Drop me a line to find out more, at gillian@eco-health.co.nz