This website purpose is a service to the community –  news, research, opinions, a shop, and a Business Directory for Causes, Alternative Health traders, and practitioners.

The mission of this health blog is to give a voice to causes and protectors of the planet, and feature eco conscious traders and therapists, in articles and in a health directory, to publicise their existence, highlight new health products and services, educate, do reviews, news, events, all to do with sustainable environment and alternative health.

Readers can contact me about trending news and products that could be featured on this site. I also invite other bloggers to write to me and I will post their article on my website. Another service to promote causes and products, is creating adverts for private companies who would like their ads placed on this site. Later, there will be a shopping catalogue for selling organic and eco friendly products.

Please be aware Adsense Advertisements appear throughout the site. They are random and placed randomly. You will have to forgive me for that, as I need to financially support this website. You are welcome to donate to ensure this blog stays up to date.

The Business Directory is to provide links to charities, practitioners and traders. Charities to do with health and environment, can list for free, forever.

Businesses can join up to this website, and you can add your details yourself, or you are welcome to email me your details and I will add you. This Directory is being offered free to everyone for the first year.

You can send me any products to test and I offer to do a free review, on my website.

The advantage viewers will find with my blog layout, is that I can create links to your shop in one click, from your posts, as well as from my shop.

My Shop: I offer to list your products and services in my Shop, for an affiliate commission. If you already have a set up for Affiliates then by all means please advise me an Affiliate ID. If you don’t have an affiliate set up, then contact me anyway and we can discuss it.

Email me your any info, that you think we need to know about, and businesses send me your brochures and company information to