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  • Go Green Expo Auckland 2021

    Auckland Go Green Expo & Better Food Fair 2021 TWO GREAT SHOWS UNDER ONE ROOF! Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th March ASB Showgrounds The Go Green Expo and Better Food Fair are coming back to Auckland! FREE Tickets are available online for a limited time! If you haven’t got yours, get it today! Tickets can […]

  • Mental Wellbeing during Covid

    If you are locked down, it can be very lonely being cooped up at home alone, if you are in a single person household.It might have been bad enough before lockdown, but during lockdown it is more isolating, and very difficult to meet people socially. For some singles, you might have to consciously guard against […]

  • A solution for recurrent cystitis

    I have been suffering recurrent bouts of cystitis and for a prolonged period I kept going to the doctors and was prescribed antibiotics and Ural effervescent powders. I even tried health food supplement shops and bought everything that was available over the counter to help, but it did no good. They would only clear it […]

  • Preventative Measures against Coronavirus

    Here are some recommended tactics to minimise catching Covid-19: Get Vacinnated. Follow the protocols to socially distance and wear a mask. Its simple as that. And if you object to getting vaccinated, at last we have proof that taking Vitamin D3, K2, and Zinc is a strong preventative. The above video is advocating taking Vitamin […]

  • Ahi Cider Kawakawa Tonic

    GUT LOVING, IMMUNE BOOSTING & INVIGORATING Apple cider vinegar-based tonics Ahi Cider is the new kid on the block and makes Apple Cider Vinegar look tame. Handmade in New Zealand and based on an old herbal remedy, Ahi Cider packs some serious health punch as it’s loaded with powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbrial, and circulatory roots […]

  • Wild Dispensary Tonics

    A few weeks ago I attended the Go Green Expo in Auckland. I was very fortunate to be given a sample of Anti-Flam tonic, to try out and review. Of all the Wild Dispensary tonics there were to choose from, I chose the Anti-flam tonic because of my notorious sensitive gut and tendency to get […]

  • What’s my food shopping list

    The quest for a happy gut My shopping list contains mainly fresh, pure produce and natural fats, because they’re the only things that don’t upset my digestion.  It’s common sense.  I listened to my body when it became inflamed and sensitive to gluten, sugar, and artificial additives. I got inflammation and bloating when eating wheat, […]

  • What to eat after appendicitis

    Within one month of going on a Keto diet, I developed appendicitis.  After the appendectomy, the surgeon said the appendicitis was probably caused by a sudden change to a high-fat/ high protein/ low carb diet. Wow, Keto is that dangerous… Not only that, but I suffered for a month afterwards with Peritonitis cramps. I was […]

  • Welcome to my Health blog

    Welcome to my Eco Health blog. I review products, services and books, and post news, events, all to do with sustainable environment and alternative health. To support the traders further, I also feature a self-adding Business Directory Listing which provides links to practitioners and traders. This website and my Facebook Page, is a service to […]

  • Blume NZ Hand & Body Lotion

    I received a sample to test of Blume, Hand and Body Lotion that is 100% organic ingredients, and manufactured locally on the North Shore by Karen Dobson. Karen has formulated and produced this “little tube of calm”, and she says: “Blume is the best hand and body lotion for dry skin, it is light and […]

  • Earth Bar Shampoo

    EarthBar – Shampoo Bar

    Shampoo Bar Review The Auckland Allergy Free & Healthy Living Show was on last weekend, and I was very pleased to find the EarthBar Stand. I have been reading about the latest invention of shampoo bars but had not investigated them til now. Christie Rishworth the founder of the ethical vegan beauty products company EarthBar, […]

  • ecostore Body Lotion

    I was unaware that ecostore produced a range of Ultra Sensitive products for sensitive skin. While at the Allergy Free Expo last weekend, I discovered them at the ecostore stand. I was very pleased to be given a bottle of ecostore’s Fragrance and Colourant free body lotion to test and review. I already use all […]

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