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Product Review

Today I went to receive a Biopulse Detox treatment that involved putting my feet into a footbath for 35 minutes. It was good fun, as the owner of Bio Cleanse NZ Ltd, Nahaia Russ, decided to join me and have a detox footbath at the same time as me. She is very knowledgeable about the technology and is a qualified Naturopath. She knows how to interpret the indications and results of the treatment.

What is Biopulse?

The Biopulse Technologies Ionic Detox Unit is the latest in home based health systems developed by International scientists and researchers as a therapeutic aid for revitalization and well being.

You relax in a foot bath for 35 minutes.

How does Biopulse work?

The Biopulse unit produces ionised water which stimulates the body’s own natural cleansing processes at the cellular level.

The primary aim of this footbath is to gradually eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body, and indications are, that it achieves this by drawing these out via the Electrolysis and Frequency given out from the Biopulse Unit.

By using this machine for footbaths about 4-5 times, it is indicated that the Negative ions may help to neutralise free radicals and pollutants within the body. This may also help with an over acidity of the body, and rid the body of unwanted toxins.

See the following images of our session here:



The interpretation was that my session drew out sugar and yeast from Candida, and fats and oils.

I felt energised from my session, my feet and ankles swelling had gone down, and can’t wait to have another footbath.

I thoroughly recommend this treatment.

If you require more information about biopulse, how it works and the full technology behind it, or to try out a session for yourself, you should go to website and contact Nahaia.

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