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I had the great fortune to stumble upon Elize’ stand at the Home and Garden Show at North Shore Events Centre last month.

Upon seeing her sign, about Gut Health and Candida, I knew it was just what I needed. I have had poor gut health symptoms for a while, with no real solutions being offered.

Elize tested me with her special machine for Gut Disruptors, and for a raft of conditions and presence of toxins. I had at least 5 on her list that I didn’t know I had. i.e. Candida, Fungi, Worms, Aspartame (which I didn’t know was a poison), plus two other issues. She gave me remedies to take home.

Regarding the intestinal parasites, I showed a high level of infestation because I neglected to treat it for years.  Elize said, we pick up worms daily, so have to treat it regularly.

Anyway, Elize gave me the instructions when to take the remedies. (see the bottles in my featured picture.)

Within 6 hours of taking the Candida and Worms drops, that night, I felt a shadow drop from my body. I felt energy come back to me. It was instant and I had no mistake.  I spoke to Elize the following week about this almost instant effect, and she said for most people the results are usually fairly instant (within a day – often by that first evening).  It is only the unfortunate ones who experience a herxheimer effect (die-off effect) who may experience clogged nose, flu-like symptoms, etc for a day or couple of days first before feeling on top of the world.

My energy levels have continued to rise, and I have had less brain fog too.

After 3 weeks of taking Elize’s fungi drops, I tested negative for fungi, it had gone. My toenails finally started to respond to a Chemists Nail fungi remover paint. Prior to that, the paint was having no outward effect.

Elize provided a special bottle of drops called Absorbtion – it aids the removal of Aspartame.

About lurking things:

Candida is a sugar-fermenting yeast that covers mainly the digestive tract with a sticky web which strangles the gut and prevents absorption of nutrients.

Apparently 80% of all Americans have this overgrowth, and women are 8 times more likely to have it than men.

It is amazing that hardly anybody knows about this epidemic!

Elize says to cut out as much sugar as you can, as well as bread, yeast and cheese. And cut out processed packaged foods, and soda drinks.

Fungi overgrowth clogs up the body, takes over, and drains the life out of us…another strangler!

Aspartame: its an artificial sweetener, in thousands of products, and according to some experts, its a poison that the body cannot deal with, its hidden in our food, and sometimes not even on the labels. Its called Sweetener 951. Even Weightwatchers uses Sweetener 950 which is has been questioned about its long term effects.

Definitely read all your food labels and its best to not buy anything “low fat” that has artificial sweetener.

Worms are picked up DAILY. It gets in everything, so its important to kill them off regularly. Cut out pork, for starters. These critters strangle the nutrients out of your food and leave you with the rubbish. Take Elize’s Worm Drops, once a week, or take Garlic Tablets daily.

Flukes are even more dangerous, picked up from rivers and lakes, and earth.

Heavy Metals: >>Stem Cell Detox Drops: I have a new bottle of drops delivered which I will be testing next week. Apparently it should be taken when you are on a break with quiet time, no rush, because it is for heavy metals removal and you can feel underpar for a few days while taking it.

I recommend everyone to go and get tested, if you have any symptoms – read more about it at Elize’s website:

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Aspartame [additive #951] is an artificial (non-nutritive) sweetener used to replace sugar in food and drinks. … There are four other major commercial sweeteners, sucralose [955] (Splenda®), saccharin [954] (Sweet’n Low™), cyclamate [952] and acesulphame potassium [950] (Ace K, Twinsweet™).Jul 14, 2015

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