Choose your drinking bottle

Plastic is polluting

Now that we have found out just how unhealthy plastic bottles of water are, its time we all changed our way of purchasing water, and storing it.

Leading the way in the most eco friendly and planet saving manner, is Camelbk Water Bottles. They are BPA, BPS & BPF Free. They are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They are the ultimate reuseable bottle.

I encourage you to go to their website to read more about what they are offering.

They say:

CamelBak has a mission to reduce the use of plastic that ends up in landfills and pollutes our oceans. It starts with simply ditching disposable plastic bottles. Choose to reuse.

We All Make the Difference

You may think that just you alone aren’t having much of an effect on our environment by drinking bottled water, but the average American drinks 18 plastic bottles of water per month. That’s when things can really add up.


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