Cloth instead of cotton wool?

Makeup removal cloth

I recommend this new Nove Makeup Removal Cloth as opposed to using makeup remover and pads. Less waste in the environment.

These cloths do not need soap, you just moisten it with warm water, and wipe your face and that gets rid of all the makeup.

No more throwing away cotton wool pads. Afterwards, just rinse out or put in washing machine. I did find that I needed to rub some hand soap onto the cloth to get rid of the stains. It came up clean. I wanted to be able to reuse once more, before putting it into the machine, as I don’t have enough for a wash load every day.

Upon using, my face did not feel dried out either.

Nove says:

“This microfibre Make Up Cloth delicately exfoliates your skin and effectively removes make up, leaving it feeling fresh and renewed. Microfibre eliminates the need for soaps or cleansers, giving a naturally better clean that enhances your beauty, naturally. The tiny fibres that make up microfibre have the amazing ability to absorb oils and dirt, remove make up residue and reduce up to 99% of bacteria, all with just warm water – giving a naturally better clean. Our cloths are durable and sustainable and machine washable.”


Has anyone else tried this cloth, what is your experience, what are your findings?

I was worried that rubbing my eyes with cloth damages the delicate skin.


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