Intraceuticals® Oxygen facial

Beauty Treatment at Manaaki Wellbeing Clinic

Product Review –

Yesterday I treated myself to an Intraceuticals Rejuvenate 60 minute Facial treatment. I thought it was about time I tried a face/lift treatment. I thoroughly enjoyed the pampering.

Carmel greeted me warmly and took me to her lovely professional clinic room at St Lukes, Auckland. I liked the special couch which could adapt to shape, and the electric blanket. It was really cold out yesterday!

I was going to select a Jade FirmaLift treatment, but Carmel explained that this treatment does wonders, but only if repeated at least 6 -12 sessions.

I said what about baggy eyes? She said that she was the only one doing the special eye treatment as an “Add On”: RF Anti-ageing Eye Treatment.

So I asked what other complete hour facial works well after just one session, and she said the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials. So I had the Rejuvenate Oxygen Facial.


It was very enjoyable and luxuriating. I highly recommend seeing Carmel or Kelly for any of their treatments.

Here is a before, during, and an after photo of receiving the Rejuvenate Facial:

Before the facial
Half way through with one side done
After the Facial

















Go to the Manaaki Website here: to see the other treatments Carmel offers.


85 St Lukes Road
Auckland 1025
Phone: 09 846 3730

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