Mainstream versus Alternative

Natural Remedies


A huge number of illnesses mainstream medical science deals with, doesn’t really cure the disease.

It rather treats its symptoms alone or else just manages like a band aid, indefinitely.

The chemicals it uses can have serious side effects.

Illness often comes back with enhanced pathology along with it.

And then more harmful chemicals are prescribed to counter the other bad effects.

The state of health that the body is in starts deteriorating.

It’s because of this state of affairs, that home remedies, natural remedies, alternative medicine and alternative healing are getting more and more popular in the minds of the public, and to me this is a good thing.

I am not saying it always works for everyone, because everybody is going to react differently.

Herbs and Natural treatments are the tools that were put on earth by the Creator, exclusively for us to use to heal ourselves. It is they that should be referred to as Traditional, not Alternative. And, the Maintstream medicine should be called the Alternative Extreme.

Natural treatments address the root cause of the illness, hardly ever having any side effects attached to them. (Please note: */there is always someone, somewhere, misdiagnosing, overdosing, and having bad effects from anything under the sun) Yes we don’t live in a perfect world where everything happens according to plan….

But to me it makes sense, to try to painlessly treat conditions before they escalate, before the ambulance gets sent to the bottom of the cliff.

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