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I was introduced to Matakana Superfoods, at the Go Green Expo a week or so ago.

I have hardly been so excited about health food products before now. Immediately I knew I was seeing something special. The sheer depth and scope of products they sell, tasting so fantastic, sent my taste buds to riot in anticipation.

I was also impressed with the clear attractive product display, making it so easy to see and taste what they had laid out to test, and managed by such knowledgeable people ready to help and advise.

I instinctively knew these products were a cut above others. There isn’t anything else quite like it. What an achievement.

The first product I looked for was non-Whey /Soy Protein Powers. They showed me a packet of Matakana Superprotein which I immediately purchased. Then I looked further, and found an astonishing range of other drinks that I had never before heard of. The mind boggled. I tried some samples and they were just so tasty and wholesome, my body was soaking up the nutrients like crazy. I had been feeling a little tired after running around the expo, and their products seemed to immediately remove tiredness and gave me renewed energy.

They very kindly gave me some samples to take home, I could not wait to try.  I can report, they lifted my protein shakes and really make them zing!

The big suprise treat, was to discover and test their Superfood Dark Chocolate. Finally we can buy no-guilt chocolate that is also doing us good. You can’t argue with that.

You can purchase all their products online.


Contact Matakana Superfoods, Visit their website

Postal address: Matakana SuperFoods, PO Box 18, Matakana 0948, New Zealand

Physical address: 108 Omaha Flats Rd, Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand Free Phone: 0800 422 968

New Zealand Phone: (09) 422 9618

Outside New Zealand: +64 9 422 9618

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