Preventative Measures against Coronavirus

From a natural medicine perspective – updated 2022

Omricon symptoms are – cough, scratchy throat, runny nose, body aches – regardless of whether people are boosted, but if they are boosted then their symptoms will generally not be as severe. Most people in hospital, are unvaccinated or immunocompromised.

There have been “gastro-tummy” symptoms, particularly in children, Professor Bloomfield said. Loss of smell or taste didn’t seem to be a symptom of Omicron. (NZ Herald, 1/3/22)

Here are some recommended tactics to minimise catching Covid-19:

Get vaccinated. Follow the protocols to socially distance and wear a mask. And if you object to getting vaccinated, take Vitamin D3, K2, and Zinc as it is a strong preventative and boosts immunity. Dr Campbell now has stats to prove that dark pigmented skin people apparently do not receive enough sunlight, which makes them more vulnerable to catching the more lethal kind of covid. If you have dark skin then immediately take vitamin D supplements. If you catch it, then you must seek medical help from professionals, because even though we now have the less lethal omricon variant circulating, because of dark skin and co-morbidities, it could still be critical for the vaccinated as well as unvaccinated. See this WHO article.

The following video is advocating taking Vitamin D3, K2, and Zinc as a successful preventative to getting serious covid.


Since this video was filmed, Dr Campbell is now reporting that dark skinned people do not absorb enough sunshine. Please link to his channel and watch his up to the minute information which could put your mind at rest.

Meanwhile, going about our day to day business, we have to do our bit to remain safe in the community. If you care about people staying safe, get vaccinated, wear a mask, socially distance, and opt to stay in the fresh air wherever possible, only going to enclosed spaces for a few minutes at a time. In enclosed spaces, be aware that microdroplets can linger in the air and you can pick up the virus from just walking past someone infected.  Maybe wear gloves too at supermarket. When home, wash hands, wipe products and clean down and sanitize surfaces very carefully.

We cannot always avoid going to enclosed spaces, so it is best to keep the 6 feet social distance, use your tracking app, sanitize, and check that the air is being refreshed and well-circulated in the buildings you have to frequently go to. Avoid both airless unconditioned rooms and unmonitored air-conditioned buildings where possible. Shelve your plans for holidays, its not safe to fly. Of course, if you are in a lockdown then you can’t go anywhere except for local essentials. The best deterrent is to get vaccinated, and mask up. You can still catch covid and pass it on, but at least 99% won’t die from it, nor end up clogging up the ICU wards at hospitals, as per what is happening with unvaccinated people.

People can become infectious hours after being exposed to it, and some days will go by before symptoms appear. Thus we are all like a ticking time bomb. Lockdown was a strong way to outrun the delta virus but since omricon emerged and others coming to the fore, (because of their high infection rate), it is now not possible to outrun it. We are in a new phase which still could go either way; either it dies out now, or resurges as a more dangerous variant. If the current omricon continues, Dr John Campbell, educator, believes it might signal the end of the pandemic, due to omricon not moving past the upper respiratory system into the lungs. This means for the majority of vaccinated it will not lead to critical ICU. It will possibly be touch and go for the unvaccinated, more will be revealed as we go forward.

Children carry a bigger payload of the virus than adults, therefore far more contagious, even though they may exhibit no symptoms. So if they catch covid at school they will go on to spread infection across the community as soon as they step out from school.

  • When out of the house: Wear a mask, keep 2 meters away from others, sign into the Covid Tracer App, and sanitize your hands wherever you go.
  • Don’t touch any surface while out, (or person), then touch your face.
  • Take care you don’t handle the front of your own mask, then touch your face. Dispose of them, then wash hands.
  • Don’t go into airless rooms or air-conditioned buildings without a mask.
  • If you think that you are asymptomatic and can’t get a test, just self-isolate until you can get a test.
  • Be extra careful around school children who may have become unwitting carriers.
  • Stay home, stay away from others, save your life.
  • If you think you have a cold, phone your doctor; try to get tested via appointment, to avoid long waits at a drive through.
  • Be prepared to go to quarantine quarters if you find out that you have Covid, or prepare your house for quarantine measures.
  • Always practice preventative hygiene and hand-washing steps.
  • Gloves necessary if you are working with people, or working in public areas where there is surface to people exchange.
  • Wipe your door handles, purchases, wash clothes, and hair like you are dealing with contamination – its better to be safe than sorry.
  • Remember droplets can linger / land on anyone or anything and stay for days.
  • Take regular exercise daily, deep breathe, drink plenty of water
  • Fortify your immune system, and take natural health remedies as listed in this article.
  • Keep yourself occupied mentally, creatively, and surround yourself with positive calm people

Official information for New Zealanders, refer to:

  • By 21st May 2020 we hit the 5 million case milestone. 
  • 26th June, it reached 10 million cases.
  • By 20th July, we hit 15 million and within 2 weeks, it rose another 3 million, to 18 million. 
  • At 1st September, we were at 27 million.
  • At 23rd September, we approach 32 million, and 1 million deaths.
  • At 26th October, we approach 44 million infections and 1.160 million deaths
  • At 30th November, we pass 63 million and 1.465 million deaths.
  • By August 2021, there had been 212 million cases in the world! And 4.5 million deaths. The death rate 2%.
  • By November 2021, we have nearly 250 million cases and 5 million deaths.
  • By January 2022, we have 366 million cases, and 5.6 million deaths.
  • In the USA alone, there have been the worst statistics, with over 75 million cases but at least over 45 million totally recovered.

How Covid enters the body

Through inhalation or ingestion, being close to air breathed by other people, and eg sharing drinks, and touching some surfaces.
“There are two routes for COVID-19 to enter the body. The primary route is through the respiratory tract, the other is through the gastrointestinal tract.”
Luckily now we have the omricon variant, which only affects upper respiratory system so we are less likely to die (if we are vaccinated and boosted), but it is four times more contagious than Delta.

Alternative health sources are saying Vitamin D3, K2, and Zinc is a strong preventative as it boosts immunity. Very few other alternatives work. Keep your eyes on news, we are getting breakthrough medicines coming through all the time, and with the current vaccines, and the latest hospital treatment is now emerging to be very helpful.

In Green Goddess website article, they said – Hear what Chinese herbalists had to say about the nature of the lung congestion. -They said to do this:
Moisten Dryness and Transform Phlegm.

Here is an excerpt from an article written By Dr. Michael Murray, one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine. You can read the rest here: IHERB website:

The Importance of the Mucous Membranes in Our Airways

In order for any virus to infect the throat, sinuses, airways or lungs it must first pass through or enter the body through the mucous membrane. It is the first barrier to infection; the immune system is the second line of defence. There are two routes for COVID-19 to enter the lungs and cause serious damage. The primary route is through the respiratory tract, the other is through the gastrointestinal tract.

Water is critical to the health of the mucous membranes.

Natural remedies as a deterrent: 

For some people, natural remedies have been found to shorten or lessen the intensity of colds, even though they might not entirely cure.

Whether symptoms are nil or mild, please get tested and go to hospital for help, if you worsen in health.

If you are immuno-compromised or feel that you have a common cold coming on, I believe that drinking plenty of water, taking saunas, Multivitamin supplements, Vitamin D3, C, combinations of zinc, or olive leaf extracts (eg Viralex) and probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbal tonics and teas, can help to ease discomfort, boost your immune system and strengthen you against infections. I don’t suggest taking all of them, contact a naturopath for their advice.
Manuka Honey is another example stated as having anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which help to inhibit viruses.
Gut matters:
As covid infects the gut as well as lungs, it would be prudent to take some natural parasite and worm killer-  supplied in a homeopathic drops format. I also recommend pre and probiotics.

The race is on:

For scientific updates, latest news and discoveries regarding vaccines and cures, follow hashem al-ghaili on Facebook (like 32 million other followers.) It really does give us hope.

What you can do if you have it mildly:

Enquire as to the latest medical help, and advice. We soon will have GP dispensed tablets to take for Covid. Take the vitamins recommended above.
Drink lots of water, stretch and raise arms and legs and do gentle exercise and hold breath for 10 seconds regularly to exercise lung function; especially if you have delta variant.

If lack of breathing becomes serious you should demand an ambulance and hospital treatment immediately.

In summary:

Get fully vaccinated, and boosted as it is statistically better odds to survive. Keep healthy by keeping active and going for fresh air walks. When you return home, follow protocols if you have touched anything while outside. Take Vitamin D3, K2, and Zinc as a preventative. Now with the less severe omricon circulating, you can go to chemist and stock up on cold remedies to help get you through (if you get omricon).
Keep social distance from others, boost your immunity, keep hydrated, as water helps to flush out toxins, and make sure your nose is cleared of mucus. 
Talk to someone if you are getting stressed or lonely or overwhelmed, and look for mental health resources to support you through.
If you follow these prevention steps, and come out the other side uninfected, then that is amazing. However if you do get and survive covid, the results are in, that you will gain super immunity against future infections. So, do not be afraid, I think this is the beginning of the end of covid as a pandemic.
Resources and articles:
I link here to a mental health resource article you may find helpful: Its to guard mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic:
If you are struggling with addictions:

See the Green Goddess website for protective herbal teas.

Must read: Iherb website for very important information about which herbs to defend against viruses.


Green Goddess writes about Marshmallow Root Tea (Althea officinalis). We drink this healing tea every day and have now added Liquorice Root, Mullein and Fenugreek to our tea cupboard.

These teas are important at this time as they help to dislodge dry mucus at an early stage. Once you have a thinner, looser mucus it is much easier to remove it by coughing. This selection of teas once steeped create mucilage which helps to do this.



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