Collective Responsibility during Covid 19

Starts with each person acting mindful of others

**Disclaimer: I have a background as a Counsellor, Business Analyst, Web Developer, Health Worker, and Health blogger. I am not a medical expert, and this article is my opinion.

My blog site is usually about advocating alternative health solutions. However, when covid-19 arrived in 2020, we were stuck with few solutions, nothing was tested and I could not find any suggestions that I knew would work.

We were, and still are being asked to be socially responsible by following lockdown rules, getting vaccinated, cooperating collectively to save our lives and the lives of those around us.
I concur. I agree. It’s the most sensible way to prevent unnecessary deaths. Is the vaccine safe? Most people getting vaccinated are not experiencing problems, although .001% of people are getting heart problems from taking the vaccine. So the solutions we have, are far from perfect right now. But the results are showing, that those who do get vaccinated are 95% less likely to need intensive hospital care if they catch covid. This has got to be the better option to go with.

We are free agents in how we choose to react and interact individually to this pandemic. You may know people who are stressed and scared, don’t trust big Pharma, and need your calmness and reassurance. See some mental health resources links at the bottom of this page. However, I say to the hesitant, we have gone past this now. If 1 million people get infected here, maybe 5 thousand will need ICU care. What if your local hospital can only cater for 300 people in ICU? What happens to the other 4,700 people needing intensive care? Would you let them all die for the sake of your hesitancy, upholding to protect “one person in a million” who might die from taking the vaccine? None of those arguments stand up to the light of reason or logic.

The results are in, if 95% of the population is vaccinated, then the hospitals will not get overwhelmed. So it makes sense to get vaccinated, doesn’t it? Of course due to Omricon, there will be a surge of cases needing hospital, but they will mostly be unvaccinated people.

I started watching Dr. John Campbell on Youtube, a very respected educator who evaluates findings and helps to interpret them for the masses. On 12th December 2021, his video said that even though we cannot stop Omricon Variant taking over the world, we can prevent serious hospitalisations by getting vaccinated OR boosting our immunity by taking the following supplements: Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Vitamin K2. See his video here: Therefore Anti-vaxxers please take note! If you don’t want to take the vaccine, then at least boost your immunity. Dr John also has a video explaining that many of the unexplained vaccine deaths, are due to the injection not staying in the muscle, but in fact accidentally leaking into the bloodstream where it can cause blood clots.

However, latest news; on January 28, 2022, the Herald published an article about findings from a research project, which proved that being vaccinated was the best protection from serious hospitalisation, because this Omricon variant only affects the upper airways, and if you get Omricon, most of us will only get a bad cold. Then, you will inherit Super Immunity protection. This could possibly spell the end of Covid 19.

So lockdowns, traffic lights are no longer needed. We need omricon exposure, in order to lead to immunity against future infections.

I believe Jacinda is working on strategies and solutions to protect people first and foremost. But once we are all vaccinated, we should open up the borders and get on without restrictions. Now that we know Omricon will not kill us, that it will give us better immunity, then it makes sense to open the country fairly quickly, after everyone has their booster shots.

However, its not all that simple! People with dark skin, and co morbidities, are still at high risk, even if they are vaccinated, so there will be deaths among the more vulnerable.

For those being hospitalised with covid infections in USA:

As at mid January 2022, about 3000 people a day are dying … 75% 65 and older and 95%+ unvaccinated.

95-97% of people filling up hospitals around the world are reported to be unvaccinated.
In all US states, the rate of breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated is around 1 percent.

  • If you get vaccinated, then catch covid, you are unlikely to die or require critical care.
  • After being vaccinated, the virus is weakened by the vaccine, thus unable to mutate in a more dangerous way. In fact, you will develop a stronger immune response.
  • The vaccine’s properties function only to neutralise and destroy the virus; there is no microchip inserted into the vaccine. And vaccine spike proteins cannot cause disease on their own as they do not contain the virus itself.
  • The mRNA vaccines do not use a live virus.
  • UsA Today newspaper article.
  • There is no truth to vaccinations causing mutations; the opposite is true. Scientists say that it is just the sheer volume of infections among the unvaccinated, that a mutation develops.
  • In South Africa there was only 24% vaccinated.  How could the Omricon variant have evolved from vaccinated people? It piggybacked on unvaccinated people with weak immune systems, and some with HIV as well.

Hold on, keep your spirits up, because we have moved forward since 2020 and 2021. Just get vaccinated, so that the worst effects can pass over you, regardless if you get it. If you are dark skinned, please see my other articles about covid, you need to supplement with vitamin D.

We will also soon have tablets (pills) or better vaccines to take, so that we can recover entirely at home. No more MIQ, would be ideal. Prepare yourselves at home, stock up with cold remedies and separate off areas to quarantine at home.

If you need help now, you should not be afraid to seek out organisations that are here to support us from within our local communities and online. Make a plan.

Remember that a healthy engaged mindset helps to combat stress when you use your mind creatively in a positive way, as that is therapeutic in itself. Take care of yourself. Stay strong.


Here are some helplines info links

NZ Govt Health website

NZ Mental Health Org NZ

Health Navigator

World Health Organisation

Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response 
Image reference: I have used their infographic for my article.

UK article about guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hashem Al Ghali – a Science Reporter, writes about latest discoveries that can neutralise covid.

Please submit your links and I will list more community services on this page.


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