Collective Responsibility during Covid 19

Its Mental Health Awareness Week

This year has challenged us as citizens of the world. 2020 is becoming known as a year we want to write-off and forget. We are being challenged to keep our cool. Our normal way of life has been curtailed. We desperately hope for a solution to covid 19. I hope you’re being kind and mindful of others and following the recommended safety guidelines. It is Mental Health Awareness week. If we can all hang in there and stay safe and sane, we can survive this calamity til the vaccine arrives. 

We are being asked to be socially responsible, to cooperate collectively to save the lives of those around us, even though some people’s lives are falling apart around us. It is the right thing to do.

For those of us who still have a grip, we have a choice how we perceive threats, and react on an individual basis. Our moods as individuals matter, more than ever at this time. There are many people who right now need your calmness and encouragement. If you are having difficulty keeping things together, please reach out for help. See the links at the bottom of this page.

I am writing to encourage calm, hope and cooperation. Keep the faith, and do whatever you need to do on a personal level, to do your bit; to keep yourself safe and others safe around you. One person’s positive light and intention can affect another’s mood and state of mind.

The reason I feel encouraged today, is due to this latest post by Hashem Al Ghali, talking about the latest discovery that neutralises covid. If you watch this video clip, you too would have reason to be optimistic. It doesn’t even need to be injected, just inhaled. I can’t wait to hear more.

Scientists discover a tiny antibody that could prevent COVID-19

Scientists discover a tiny antibody that could prevent COVID-19

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Thursday, 24 September 2020

There are some people who are suspicious of how Covid started. You are entitled to your opinion. But don’t let that suspicion turn into hostility, or feel obliged to join up with others who want to take action. That would cause needless stress and erode your peace of mind. Negative thoughts are seeds. Right now, you need all your positive emotions to seed, just to get through this challenging time. In this present moment, (as Ekhart Tolle says) it doesn’t matter where the virus came from, as we have no control over it. It is what it is, right now. What matters is letting go of conflict, and doing no harm. Please don’t jump on a bandwagon and spread the virus. Do the opposite, to save your life and those of your loved ones or community around you. Calmly cooperate, do your bit, let negative suspicions go.

Do not give oxygen to nor share conspiracy theories.

Skepticism is fine, but actions cannot be undone. 

  • Covid didn’t escape from a lab.  More likely due to humans’ overcrowding and destroying natural habitats, and causing climate change. But even if it did, it is a waste of energy venting or marching over it, because that would only prolong the outbreak.
  • Tracer tracking is in place, only to swiftly inform you that you were in a place where an infected person has been. Its purpose is to save your life and others; not to oppress you or curtail your civil liberties or personal freedoms. Protesting against restrictions is futile, putting your own selfish needs over that of your neighbours; a self-delusion where you justify and feed negative emotions and negative actions, which can only lead to more deaths in the community.
  • When (not if) a vaccine is found, it will function only to neutralise and destroy the virus; there will be no microchip inserted into the vaccine. We read fiction too much; love to think there is an evil overlord trying to take over the world? NO, now is the time to get a grip on reality and act as a responsible individual, and help save collective lives; it is not right to kill your neighbour through your neglectful actions. Just because some discontented people have banded together, doesn’t mean you have to join them.

Personal protection (PPE), social distancing and tracker tracing, handwashing, and disinfecting, is the only sensible way to stay safe in the community. We have to keep these in place for the time being. Covid is dangerous to all people, all ages.  If you get it, it’s not just a flu; it can lead to Chronic Fatigue, permanent damage of lungs, heart or brain. It is not fake news. You have to think about that, before you go to social gatherings without a mask. As Boris Johnson said on his broadcast, never before in history, has the fate of the collective people, been so much in the hands of the individual. He is relying on each person to do the right and noble thing. Cooperation saves lives.

We have huge numbers of researchers racing to get solutions, so we have to be patient and leave it in their capable hands. Your individual job, should you choose to accept it, is to be in touch with your inner strength, to help you get through, and the knock on effect of that is that you shed light and hope to others who may be having a tough time along the way.

Check on people who are elderly or live alone, see if they need help. If we need help ourselves, we should not be afraid to seek out organisations that are here to support us from within our local communities and online. Make a plan. Remember that a healthy mindset helps to combat stress. Take care of yourself. Stay strong.


Here are some helplines info links

NZ Mental Health Org NZ

Health Navigator

World Health Organisation

Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response 
Image reference: I have used their infographic for my article.

UK article about guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please submit your links and I will list more community services on this page.


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