Collective Responsibility during Covid 19

Starts with each person acting responsibly

**Disclaimer: I have a background as a Counsellor, Business Analyst, Web Developer, Health Worker, and Health blogger. I am not a medical expert, and this article is my opinion.

My blog site is usually about advocating alternative health solutions. However, the world changed overnight in 2020.

We are being asked to take a leap of faith, be socially responsible again by following lockdown rules, getting vaccinated, cooperating collectively to save our lives and the lives of those around us.
I concur. I agree. It’s the most sensible way to prevent deaths until the majority of people are vaccinated. Is the vaccine safe? An overwhelming majority of experts say it is.

We are free agents in how we choose to react and interact individually to this pandemic. You may know people who are stressed and scared, don’t trust big Pharma, and need your calmness and reassurance. See some mental health resources links at the bottom of this page.

I am writing to encourage you to keep positive and keep yourself and others safe around you by not spreading the virus.  Encourage others to get vaccinated, so we can ultimately open up the country again. This is not the time to promote Vitamin C as a cure.

Let’s ask our leaders to improve upon the current Pandemic rules as soon as possible. I believe Jacinda is working on it, has our backs. But we need to hurry up and roll out Saliva testing to replace Nasal swabs, build more MIQs away from populations, allow certain home MIQ options, better coordination for NZ’ers to travel home / get flights, and speed up the fast-tracking for desperately needed migrant workers. We need all front-line workers to be 100% vaccinated, asap. No Jab, no Job. If you are an isolated worker or are a hermit, then no, you might not need to get vaccinated. I agree with vaccination passports too, for travel and public events. And with the 90% Project, NZ would be in a position to open up borders again without hospitals becoming overrun.  Then, we would be unlikely to need to go back into Lockdowns again.

There are some people who are vaccine-hesitant, or have joined anti-vaxxer groups: they may object on non-religious grounds or religious grounds. Let me say here, according to official channels, the vaccines are reported to be at least 99.99% safe to receive by the world’s highest authorities on the subject, and 95% or more effective against the virus if you catch it. (see links below, in this article)   Not perfect, but this is all we’ve got. We have to run with it; it’s the only thing that will keep the majority of us alive until we find something better. Yes, I do understand there have been some deaths from people receiving the vaccine, but we can’t allow 99.99% of humans to overrun hospitals, possibly die, just for the sake of .001%. I am not saying this is fair, just the lesser of two evils.

For those being hospitalised with covid infection:

95-97% of people filling up hospitals around the world are reported to be unvaccinated.
In all US states, the rate of breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated is below 1 percent.

It has been reported that a very tiny number of people are getting sick or dying from receiving the vaccine jab. This is bad. But there are far more numbers that would die if we don’t get vaccinated. The reported 1% of breakthrough cases (of those who have been vaccinated yet still end up in hospital) is proof that vaccination prevents 99% of deaths among the vaccinated.

We are all entitled to healthy skepticism, and freedom of choice, but there comes a time, when you have to weigh up the consequences of that choice. If your choice is not to be vaccinated, it’s going to cause a far greater number of deaths; then you are a danger to the public. If you remain unvaccinated you may die and drag dozens of others with you, blocking up hospitals, perpetuating the spread of the virus (and allowing future mutations far worse than what we already have with Delta,) It will also cause more lockdowns curtailing our public freedoms and eroding our economy; just to save .001% that could die from getting the jab. This is a life or death situation. Whereas if you take the vaccine, 95-97% are unlikely to need critical care or be hospitalised. These are better odds for humanity to survive. The current vaccines and hospitals are proving this fact. This is all we’ve got standing between chaos or control.

It’s very sad that we live in the new dystopian era of armchair experts with no scientific background who would never normally be heard. They are spreading misinformation via their Facebook, or other websites. No one would have listened to them otherwise. At least Youtube is banning anti-vax and misinformation videos.  This is a step in the right direction.

Advise your friends to not join “Freedom” protesters that agitate and encourage violence.  They ask you to break the law,  which would isolate you from family and friends. These groups are potentially spreading the virus, passing it on at superspreader events. They are manipulating you by playing on your deepest fears. All so you can achieve the right to die a horrible death in hospital, and hog all the hospital beds, preventing others to get to ICU. To me, that’s not freedom. And religious groups that protest to prove how much they believe in God to protect them, are forgetting that mankind was given the gift of science and medicine, as yet another instrument to saving His people, so rejecting the vaccine is like rejecting God’s help, in my opinion.

Covid is dangerous to all people, all ages. It can lead to Long Covid, i.e. Chronic Fatigue, permanent damage of the lungs, heart, or brain.

Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated

In America, almost all the hospitals are full to overflowing with the un-vaccinated (mostly uneducated who believe misinformation, or religious objectors). Suddenly, when they realise they are dying, they start begging to be given the vaccine, but are told it is already too late. Don’t be one of those who die for their foolish beliefs.

  • In the Washington Post 19th August 2021, a Doctor in Alabama said: I recently read an essay, titled “Let It Rip,” in which the writer argued that public policy at this point should be to allow sickness and death run its course and “let reality persuade the delusional and deranged.”
So for the religious objectors on their deathbeds:

These are the Chronicles of the Damned;
Foolish and senseless people;
Having eyes but cannot see; ears but cannot hear.
The final seal is broken; the pale horse of death rides.
No more light, because their oil ran out.
No way of escape because the gates are shut.”
– this is a quote from Cree Hardegree, based upon passages from Revelations. (Bible)

On a brighter note, hold on, keep your spirits up, as normality will one day return, albeit in a different format. Just get vaccinated, and be patient.

Check on people who are elderly or live alone, see if they need help. If we need help ourselves, we should not be afraid to seek out organisations that are here to support us from within our local communities and online. Make a plan. Take up a hobby, there are loads of free tutorials online. I myself joined a Four Seasons Art class for beginners earlier this year. I now have a new skill, and bunch of new lovely friends!

Remember that a healthy mindset helps to combat stress when you use your mind creatively in a positive way, as that is therapeutic in itself. Be a hero. Take care of yourself. Stay strong.


Here are some helplines info links

NZ Govt Health website

NZ Mental Health Org NZ

Health Navigator

World Health Organisation

Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response 
Image reference: I have used their infographic for my article.

UK article about guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hashem Al Ghali – a Science Reporter, writes about latest discoveries that can neutralise covid.

Please submit your links and I will list more community services on this page.


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