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I wholeheartedly support organisations that are fighting to stop big corporations such as Big Pharma from overrunning the planet and turning it into a toxic soup.


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Dear friend: SumOfUs exists to put bad corporations back in their place. We’ve only got 32 members of staff, but SumOfUs tames corporate beasts like Pepsi, Nestlé and Monsanto. We’re 100% independent, so we run almost entirely on donations from SumOfUs members like you. If you chip in the equivalent of a cup of coffee once a month, we can keep winning the battles that matter to all of us –

Please donate today:

Your donation will help to power our campaigns to stop for instance, the Bayer Monsanto merger from Hell!

We do not accept money from corporations or governments. That is why your support is so critical. Together we are building a movement that demands that people are always put above profit. We stand toe to toe against the world’s most powerful corporations to protect our rights and our democracy.

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